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Stolen mk1

"I have to report the theft and subsequent recovery of South Wales member John Mays Mark 1 pride and joy. John, from Newport, has cherished this car and some toerag has broken into it via the quarter window, smashed the ignition and hotwired it. He had recently bought a black hardtop for it which is still missing. The hardtop was originally red so if any member is offered this hardtop, check under the seals for signs of red paint. I know it is a long shot but I managed to recover another members hardtop previously so keep your ears and eyes open. Unfortunately the car is now written off due to the thieves hitting the front wheel etc and smashing the boot lock off. 

The message here is thieves are targeting MX5s, more especially those with hardtops, 3 this year in South East Wales that I know about. Invest in a quality alarm and use it, it just could save your MX5. "


  • ^^^ quote taken from the OC boards so just in case anyone hears of anything

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