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Drain holes

Hi guys please can someone post some pics of where i can find the elusive drain holes on my 06 mx5 just picked her up today and shes awesome and want to keep her in tip top condition 

   many thanks (and apologies if posted before)




  1. RE: Drain holes

    or even a youtube vid??

    Posted: Mar 22 2011 By: mobymg   Posts: 21
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    Cant get enough of them

    Posted: Mar 23 2011 By: Alan   Posts: 6
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     that truly is just what i was looking for , thank you so much for thisCool

       your awesome

    Posted: Mar 27 2011 By: mobymg   Posts: 21
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     just cleaned my drain holes tonight (there was water in boot again after today downpour)and  i was suprised at how much muck and water came out:o my tromne brush did a perfect job so thx again for the linkLaughing

    Posted: Mar 30 2011 By: mobymg   Posts: 21