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Option Pack ?

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Hi all, we re looking at adding another MX5 to the whatdo household. (my daughter) Can anyone enlighten me as to exactly what extra equipment an option pack model gives you over a non option pack and are the option packs the same for the 1.8 and 2.0.......... it is a Mk 3 of course

Thanks mike


  1. RE: Option Pack ?

    I don't have the brochure to hand but off the top of my head.

    The non option pack has a vinyl roof and steel wheels......

    If no one replies to you before i get home tonight I'll dig out the brochure and give you the full list. I think you may struggle is actually finding a non option pack version though. I have never seen one. 

    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: dragonsoup   Posts: 3839
  2. RE: Option Pack ?

    I've seen a non OP MK3. the vinyl roof  & steel wheels didn't suit it (in my opinion) I think the OP included leather steering wheel & gear knob?

    If finances & insurance will allow go for the 2.0 as it includes LSD & some extra airbags.

    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: Shaw Tarse   Posts: 1132
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    Besides the addition of 16 inch alloy wheels and mohair hood you also get extra speakers and steering wheel controls for the stereo, leather steering wheel, map pocket (netting) in the passenger footwell and metal plates protecting the sills for when you enter ther car.


    I think thats all.


    Its worth it. Most dealers put alloys on their non option packs to try and shift them, then they phased it out on the 2.0 and now its gone forever.


    The 2.0 litre model also gets you 2 extra airbags, limited slip diff and traction control as standard. (all based on the mk3, not 3.5)

    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: fromgreytowinningblue   Posts: 251
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    Cheers for all that info. I must admit I did nt realise that steel wheels were even still put on MX s . 

    So presumably BOSE and aircon were another option on top of the option pack on the mk3 were they ?

    Having a 3.5 Im clued up on whats what with them but clueless on the specs of the Mk 3 but I told Emma (daughter) that I knew where the answers could be found

    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: Mikey Boy   Posts: 348
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    Bose and air con were only a option on the 2.0 sport model.

    Not as an option on the option pack models.

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    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: larry   Posts: 3902
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    Air Con was bundled with leather for £1100 approx on the options pack models, taking the cost higher than a sport, hence quite rare.

    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: fromgreytowinningblue   Posts: 251
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    My (bought second hand) 1.8 Option Pack did also have heated leather seats and climate control (Aircon). Was obviously available as an additional cost option to the first owner in May 2008. This sealed the deal for me in addition to it being in my favourite colour with only £4k miles and perfect condition. If it had cloth seats and not a colour I liked I would have continued searching for a 2.0 Sport. Insurance for the 1.8 is group 11 instead of 13 for the 2.0, and the higher CO2 of the 2.0 Sport means higher road tax than the 1.8 or 2.0 Option Pack.

    (edited coz I can't type on a laptop for some reason - typos corrected).

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    Posted: Oct 07 2009 By: Badger   Posts: 854
  8. RE: Option Pack ?

    Mines got the leather and climate too, a 2.0 litre option pack. The car had been in stock a while so I asked if they would sell me it with the leather for free instead of me buying the sport I was looking at and they agreed, although if I had waited 12-18 months the new prices has tumbled and I would have got a much better deal, but c'est la vie.

    Posted: Oct 08 2009 By: fromgreytowinningblue   Posts: 251
  9. RE: Option Pack ?

    It is also only the 1.8 that can be bouight without the option pack.

    Posted: Oct 12 2009 By: TarkMalbot   Posts: 3267
  10. RE: Option Pack ?

    12/10/2009 09:50:39, TarkMalbot said:

    It is also only the 1.8 that can be bouight without the option pack.


     I thought the 2.0 was avaliable for a while without the Option Pack?Foot in mouth

    Posted: Oct 13 2009 By: Shaw Tarse   Posts: 1132